Watch The Stanley Brothers in a Special NBC Today Show Interview!

Our friends at Charlotte’s Web are in the national spotlight! (again)

The Stanley Brothers, creators of Charlotte’s Web, recently appeared on NBC’s the Today Show. Journalist Natalie Morales traveled to Colorado to learn more about the family, the brand, and its high-quality hemp extracts for a special Behind the Brand segment.

Josh, Joel, Jared, Jesse, Jordan, Jon, and J. Austin Stanley discussed their mission and passion to help people find better health, their commitment to producing a consistent, pure product, and their tight-knight family. Watch the video to hear from the pioneering family behind your favorite Charlotte’s Web products.



In The Business Of Helping People Find Better Health and Wellbeing

The Stanley Brothers started Charlotte’s Web for a simple purpose: to help people live healthier lives. To this day, their mission to “Improve lives, naturally,” inspires everything they do. And the Stanley Brothers have witnessed the potential benefits of CBD oil first hand.

In fact, the brothers named their business after Charlotte Figi, a young girl with extreme epilepsy whose miraculous response to CBD hemp extract inspired them. At five years old, Charlotte was severely disabled as a result of Dravet syndrome, a disease that caused her to suffer from 300 grand mal seizures per week. After taking daily doses of CBD oil, she now has around two seizures per month, allowing her to lead a better life and enjoy her childhood.

“I don’t really know how to quantify how it felt to literally watch a little girl in a fitted wheelchair, feeding tube, couldn’t walk, talk, eat, sleep, nothing—get up,” Josh Stanley told Morales. “She’s been our North Star. She’s our shining light in everything that we do.”

That same passion for the wellbeing of others is what drives Charlotte’s Web to provide a high-quality, consistent product that consumers can trust. However, even though Charlotte’s Web aims to promote health, some detractors still fear CBD oil. Those who are unfamiliar with the product may fear that it is similar to marijuana and therefore could produce a high.

While CBD oil and marijuana may come from related plants, CBD oil offers a much different effect. That’s because CBD oil has only trace amounts of THC, the component associated with marijuana highs. The Stanley Brothers crossbred Charlotte’s Web to contain potent levels of CBD and trace, legal levels of THC. “We’re not in this business to get people high,” said Josh Stanley. “We’re in it to get people healthy.” The brothers’ efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. They’re continually recognized for quality and safety by rigorous certifications.

The Charlotte’s Web Difference With Hemp Extracts

The Stanley Brothers aim to ensure Charlotte’s Web offers both quality and consistency for consumers.

One way they deliver consistency is through cloning. “All these plants have a unique signature,” Jared Stanley explained to Morales. “We clone those plants to make sure that same signature always goes into the same bottle.”

Cloning helps ensure that the product stays as consistent as possible between batches, so consumers can rely on the product to deliver the same results each time.

From the start of the growing process, Charlotte’s Web aims to provide the highest quality hemp extracts possible through careful control and monitoring of any factors that could impact the end product. Before even planting seeds, Charlotte’s Web tests soil for heavy metals and contaminants in order to prevent harmful substances from entering the plant’s system. This step guarantees the CBD hemp extracts you enjoy from Charlotte’s Web are suited for your body, family, and pets.*

Additionally, Charlotte’s Web hemp extract CBD oil products are cultivated, harvested, and processed in the United States using responsible and sustainable farming methods. Charlotte’s Web uses 100 percent organic mildicides, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Because hemp is a strong fiber, substances sprayed on it stick to its leaves, buds, and stems. The company takes great care to prevent its plants from exposure to harsh chemicals that could be passed on to consumers through the extracted oil.

Instead, Charlotte’s Web farmers rely on natural farming methods to ensure the purity of the crop and the resulting oil. To control pests, farmers use beneficial insects like ladybugs. The crop is carefully weeded by hand. A team of agronomists and chemists monitor plants throughout the growing season.

Between the time a hemp seed is planted to when the extract is bottled and sold, Charlotte’s Web goes through 20 rounds of testing. Charlotte’s Web’s extracts only come from high-quality material; the company never uses discarded scraps from other industries. Even the packaging of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is BPA-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Perhaps it is the company’s overwhelming commitment to quality that has allowed it to meet so many purity standards. Not only is Charlotte’s Web registered with the FDA, it is also compliant with California’s Prop 65 regulations, it has a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, it abides by American Herbal Products Association’s guidelines, and it was awarded a Certification Seal by the U.S. Hemp Authority for its commitment to providing consumers with safe and accurately labeled products derived from hemp.

A Family Business Through and Through

While Charlotte’s Web is a billion-dollar business, the importance of family remains at its core. The seven brothers are part of a tight-knit family of 11 kids headed by a single, hardworking mother.

“I could not be more proud,” Kristi Stanley Fontenot told Morales. “When you have a mother come up to you and say ‘thank you for giving us hope…’ A mother who hears her child laugh for the first time, or who looks in her eyes for the first time . . . There are no words. Incredible.”

From the Stanley family to people like you who rely on Charlotte’s Web, family and community are truly at the heart of the business—and ours at Center of Healing.

Charlotte’s Web’s commitment to making the world a better place stretches beyond high-quality products. The company also works with the Women’s Bean Project to create opportunities for women, partners with Adaptive Training Foundation to support veterans, works with The Realm of Caring, Center for Discovery, and Mile High Workshop to provide children’s wellness solutions, and also partners with several other charitable organizations as it strives to make a positive impact.

COH Hemp’s Commitment to Quality

The Today Show’s interview with the Stanley Brothers reinforced the reasons why we here at Center Of Healing believe so strongly in Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web leads the industry in quality, safety, potency, consistency, and social responsibility, so we’re proud to connect you and your patients with Charlotte’s Web’s premium products.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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