Our New Year’s Resolution? To Continue To Provide Premium Charlotte’s Web Products—Quickly and Conveniently

It may be a new year, but Charlotte’s Web and Center of Healing have the same resolution as always: to provide people like you with nourishing, natural, and potent hemp extracts to enrich your minds, bodies, and lives!

Whether you’re new to CW products or want to learn more, watch the video below. You’ll hear from the Charlotte’s Web co-founders and Director of Plant Biology about why they dedicate their lives to helping you achieve your wellness goals—and why these products are so unique.

Why Center of Healing Believes in Premium Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extracts

At Center of Healing, we wholeheartedly respect Charlotte’s Web premium products. Here’s why.

Superior Quality

Charlotte’s Web produces the purest and highest quality CBD extracts on the market. Unlike some companies that use scraps and stems, CW only harvests the best raw materials. They believe healthy people come from healthy plants—and healthy plants come from healthy soil! That’s why Charlotte’s Web expert biologists focus on responsible farming techniques which utilize cover crops to enrich and regenerate the soil. Because of this commitment to quality, medical professionals and people like you can count on Charlotte’s Web hemp extracts for powerful physical and mental health support.


From the time hemp seeds get planted in the ground to when you open a bottle at home, Charlotte’s Web Premium Hemp Extract is tested 20 times! Charlotte’s Web passes purity standards with flying colors. It’s registered with the FDA, compliant with California’s Prop 65 regulations, has a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, and abides by American Herbal Products Association’s guidelines. Charlotte’s Web never uses pesticides or harmful chemicals on hemp plants. Instead, the farmers utilize beneficial insects and natural methods to control pests. Even the packaging is BPA-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.


Many CBD companies harvest their oil from hemp seeds alone. While that processing method delivers some benefits, it misses out on a plethora of vital compounds. Charlotte’s Web products are unique because they’re formulated from the entire hemp plant—from buds to leaves to seeds. The harvested hemp extract contains full-spectrum phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids—not just dietary fats. This blend elevates your body’s positive response to CBD. The science world calls this the entourage effect, but it simply means the diversity provides more holistic benefits to your body—kind of like taking a multivitamin instead of just Vitamin C.


You may notice you achieve the same health benefits with Charlotte’s Web Premium Hemp Extract today that you did years ago. How is that possible? The company uses the same genetics in their plants each year so hemp extracts continue to work powerfully for your wellness routine.


Charlotte’s Web’s newest product, Maximum Strength, utilizes a groundbreaking CO2 extraction process. This unique extraction delivers an ultra concentrated blend of phytocannabinoids and allows your body to absorb compounds differently.


Many companies view customers as sales—numbers on paper. Charlotte’s Web and Center of Healing think of our clients as part of the family. That’s why love, care, and expertise go into every ounce of Premium Hemp Extract.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Charlotte’s Web products? Read more in our FAQ section or on the blog.

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