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The worlds most trusted brand.

100% Organic

High quality organic strains. GMO free!

Dedicated Representative

“Truly amazing and am now a loyal customer for life!” Allan

Dallas, Texas

“Really helped my dog when taking him out in public!” Shelby

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I’m sold. This stuff is amazing!” Nicole

Porland , Oregon

Everyday Line

Everyday hemp oils, containing 100% organic hemp sourced from Colorado!


Our topical products are formulated with hemp + beneficial botanicals.

Used to spot treat any part of your body, while nourishing your skin.

CBD Clinic

CBD Clinic professional series are the first and only non-perscription ointments and creames that combine FDA approved active ingredients and hemp extract.


Always on the go? Simply hemp capsules & pens are a no-fuss time saver.


A product for your four legged friends, Happy pets mean happy humans!

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A Few Exciting Tweets from Charlottes Web

Many of you are going to be excited to know, our product line is going to be growing! 😉 Something is coming...something big. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know what's happening! #CWHemp — CW™ Hemp...

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The Stanley Brothers | Quality Matters

The Stanley brothers who founded Charlottes Web care about quality!

In the farms and greenhouses they only use organic fungicides and pesticides because they don’t want any harsh chemicals ending up in the end product.  They can often be seen on the farm weeding and caring for the plants by hand.

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Hemp Vs Marijuana

Marijuana contains cannabinoids and other nutrients, but also has high amounts of a compound known as THC, the stuff that gets you “high.”

Hemp contains all the healing nutrients that Marijuana does but non of the THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting high or being impaired.

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